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    David here:

    Relaxing at fav restaurant.

    Besides writing I enjoy playing a round of golf. It’s a freedom to be on the greens and fairways and breath in the fresh air.

    Helping others reach their dreams is a satisfaction like no other and I believe that’s the ultimate we can achieve in life.

    It doesn’t matter who you are or what you know or don’t know, everyone has it within to teach another human something that will enrich their life.
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Coming very soon with our fundraising:

We can personalize audios with your company or business lasered on the disc.


Searching for a fundraising program that really delivers, in more ways than one?

We offer a brand new fundraiser which is unique to the usual cakes, pies, rub off games and others which you see on a daily basis.

We’re not saying other fundraising ideas are not good but we believe offering a book or audios for children which teach them how to cope with school problems or peer problems, could prove very beneficial for that child and raise awareness for your community.

Of course the money raised through our audios and books will be very generous commissions for your organization.

Our success is to help you succeed!


Simply fill out the Fundraising for and we will contact you within 2 business days.

Here you will find the wonderful entertaining and heart warming book about a little pet and little boy.  How they combined to endear themselves to each other and along the way, healed each others hearts.  Most of us can relate to growing up and the trials and experiences we went through to become who we are today.  Also, many will recall how our pets got us by, especially when it seemed the weight of the world was crushing us.

Well, you will be doing more than justice to your fundraising efforts and teaching valuable lifes lessons.  There is no mention of religion and nothing which would cause or alarm anyone. Just a love story of a younger kind.  Buddy the Talking Cat is available nationwide,  The fundraising opportunity is only available at this website, which is owned and operated by the author, me… David Mark Shenkman.


How to get started:

Simply fill out the form and we will be in touch with you, email or if you prefer, phone.  The commission on Buddy the Talking Cat, will be a generous one as our goal is to help your fundraiser be a huge success, and that you will be with us ongoing.


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