• About us

    David here:

    Relaxing at fav restaurant.

    Besides writing I enjoy playing a round of golf. It’s a freedom to be on the greens and fairways and breath in the fresh air.

    Helping others reach their dreams is a satisfaction like no other and I believe that’s the ultimate we can achieve in life.

    It doesn’t matter who you are or what you know or don’t know, everyone has it within to teach another human something that will enrich their life.
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Our mission

Helping to educate children and their parents or guardians with stories related to bullying.

Besides installing good values for everyday life, it’s very important that children can attend school and feel safe!

Reaching out to groups, organizations and individuals to help understand how together we can definitely make a difference and make it easier for our children to grow in in an ever changing society.

If we can get our message across to one, we can build a foundation to guide and protect the most valuable asset we have… Our Children!